Our mission


Helping our clients to discard as many preconceptions as possible about exercise and movement and, at the same time, gathering enough data as possible to find new patterns that are deeper to emerge.  This will lead to a more functional consciousness.

Our bodies have a language all their own, equipped with nouns like breath and verbs like bend and twist.  When we discover this language, movement awareness in space and time is heightened.

Our conscious state of movement awareness must be altered to a new state of functional consciousness and move away from the mechanical state to a more scintillating quiddity (the real nature of a thing).

Gravity is a 24/7 wake up call to our mentation.

  1. Everyone has the right to move
    The vision of the Movement Salon is to enable people to move through life feeling comfort and balance in their whole body. It is our intention to help people feel less body pain– whether from discomfort in the lower back or knee, to feeling a lack of grace as you walk down the street.
  2. Play & Explore
    The movement salon is a place where people help each other play and explore. Teachers and clients are colleagues who guide each other to develop dexterity, power and grace. Allow yourself to explore and discover new rhythms.
  3. We listen carefully
    Every person that enters Scheffel Hall brings with him or her a world more strange or complex than any we could ever hope to imagine. By listening to the details and subtlety of their needs, desires or ambitions we fold their world onto our own.
  4. Have fun
    People visiting the studio comment on how much we laugh. Since we've become aware of this, we use it as a barometer of how comfortably we are expressing ourselves.
  5. We're not cool
    Cool is for gyms where people are obsessed with style and hubris. We believe in order to find balance we need to free ourselves from limits of this sort
  6. Go deep
    We encourage you to go deeper. The deeper you go the more likely to find something of value to yourself.
  7. Don't think, feel it
    We have sacrificed our kinesthetic awareness for advanced intellect. Only by feeling our way will we become literate with our bodies again
  8. Slow down
    Desynchronize from standard time frames and give your body time to breath
  9. Power to the people
    New discovery can only happen when people feel they have control over their lives. We can't be free agents if we're not free.
  10. Keep on Moving...